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‘Writing new chapters’ in Southern Baptist history

SouthernBaptist-Fred-Luter"So the Thursday after I was elected, I get a call and a voice on the other end says. 'This is the White House, and the President would like to speak with you.' So I come to the phone, and I think it's one of my buddies playing a joke. I get to the phone, and I say, 'Who is this?' And someone says, 'This is the White House. Would you please hold for the President?'

"'Yeah, right,' I say. Sure enough, "Hail to the Chief" begins to play, and the President picks up the phone and says, "So, Dr. Luter, how does it feel to be the most popular president in the United States?"


Embrace the overflow and go with what you know

Dear Lucy: I have tried everything I know to lose weight. Diet, exercise, books, you name it. Why is it so hard? I find myself looking at other women and even men in comparison. I have gotten to where I am happy just to see someone bigger than me. I feel ashamed of my thinking and because I can't get the weight off. I used to have an hourglass figure and now I look like a big plastic tumbler!


Time to celebrate 75 years at St. Augustine

St. Augustine Catholic Church, 1169 Kerr, will celebrate its 75th anniversary Friday, Aug. 24 through Sunday, Aug. 26.

The parish, whose congregation is predominantly African American, celebrated its first Mass in a building at 903 Walker Ave. on Aug.28, 1937.


RELIGION BRIEFS: Choir reunion extravaganza at Mt. Vernon-Westwood

The Millennium Choir of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church-Westwood will celebrate Annual Choir Emphasis Month and present a choir reunion musical extravaganza beginning at 3 p.m. Sunday (Aug. 19) at the church at 620 Parkrose Ave.

All former choir members are invited to participate in the extravaganza. The focus will be "Lifting Up the Name of Jesus."


Progressive Baptists stir activism, involvement into convention mix

PNBaptist-1Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore Sr., president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC), posted a message on the organization's website a few days before the 51st annual meeting was to convene in Memphis.

"As your 19th President, the theme I have chosen for this year is: 'Securing Our Future: Prayer – A People of Progress,'" Dr. Baltimore wrote, adding his desire that those preaching during the course of the Aug. 5-10 confab align their messages with the theme of "The Beloved Community," drawing from Acts 2:42-47.


Progressive National Baptist Convention: United in message

PNBC-1"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" – Psalms 133:1

The scene: Progressive National Baptist Convention attendees settle into seats at Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis in anticipation of the opening worship service for the 51st annual gathering.

On tap for the keynote sermon? Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). He did not disappoint.


When your get up and go is off and running, ease up and check your hands

Dear Lucy: I'm just not what I used to be. I know that we all change, but I have lost my fire. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I just noticed that my favorite answer to every request is "no." No, I don't want to cook, clean, go out, listen to your problem...

I am not depressed. It's just that my get up and go has gone. Help.


Back-to-School shoe giveaway reaches year 20 at St. Andrew

For the 20th year, the congregation of St. Andrew AME Church will distribute more than 1,200 pairs of brand new tennis shoes to needy children from all over the Memphis area. The congregation and friends have donated the funds and purchased shoes for the free giveaway.

Hundreds of volunteers will tend to the lines, register families, distribute water and fit shoes to hundreds of children's feet during the Saturday (Aug. 11) event,


Boss ‘making’ you crazy? Check your power source

Dear Lucy: My boss is a woman who is driving me crazy. She has no sense of time, priority or importance. She will tell you that something is really important to get done, then waste an hour of your time telling you stories about it, stories from the irrelevant past. Then, when you get started on the task, she will interrupt you with calls about new insights she is having and claim to be redirecting you in some way. I am stuck in the box of having to be courteous, respectful and listen to her while the clock is ticking and the work is getting nowhere. What can I do?


‘Live in Memphis’ debut for Memphis gospel ensemble

VincentTharpeChurchGroupEarnest Pugh isn't content to just make hits on his own anymore. Through his EPM Music Group recording label, he's spreading the hit-making love with a forthcoming CD by new signee, Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis, a dynamic gospel ensemble from Pugh's native Memphis.

The group's new CD, "Live in Memphis," hits stores everywhere on Oct. 30 and the radio single, "Thank You, Lord" is beginning to make noise on gospel airwaves.


RELIGION BRIEFS: Grace Place ready as retirement community

The ribbon-cutting and grand-opening celebration for Charis Acres, a Church of Christ related ministry, signals the next phase for the development.

The Grace Place retirement community partnered with Department of Housing and Urban Development and received a 3.1 million dollar grant to build the two-story (29 units of one- bedroom and one two-bedroom) independent living facility


Out with ‘stupid rest,’ in with ‘Sabbath rest’

Dear Lucy: I seem to be caught in a rut. I have gotten to the place where I don't even know what I want. And this is awful because I am dissatisfied with how things are going now. I just don't know what I should be praying for and I can't move! Any ideas?


The ‘musical chairs’ spiritual trend

Polls show more non-denominational believers

Growing numbers of Americans are changing their relationship with religion, recent Pew Research Center polls indicate.

Consider the stats:

• Forty-four percent of U.S. adults have either switched religious affiliation, or report "no affiliation"