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Prosperity of body, mind and spirit awaits the ‘beloved’

On Saturday, March 31, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 363 So. Main Street (Leadership Memphis Gallery), we will have a seminar on “Loving Your Money.”


On Saturday (March 17), we had a great seminar on “Loving Your Body.” This was a seminar on the emotional and stress component of gaining and losing weight. Participant feedback about the quality of the seminar was that it was awesome, and gave them hope and tools to break the cycle of failing at losing weight.

On Saturday, March 31, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 363 So. Main Street (Leadership Memphis Gallery), we will have a seminar on “Loving Your Money.” In this seminar, we will explore the reasons that we have such difficulty getting out of debt and staying out of debt.

This is a very interesting topic, especially at this particular time in history. Yet, I talk to people every day who tell me that this is just one of the many times they have been in this position. They have been in debt and gotten out only to find themselves back in again sooner than later! The feelings that come with that are just devastating. It makes one feel like a failure, stupid, irresponsible, untrustworthy, unreliable, unworthy, and ashamed and the list goes on. And I am not talking here about uneducated people! I know bankers who have this problem, math teachers, and accountants! So, if knowing all about money and how to count doesn’t keep you out of overwhelming debt that you can’t pay, then what will???

In our Loving My Money Seminar, we will look at some of the aspects of debt that are often overlooked. Most approaches to debt begin with budgets, ideas on saving and spending and so forth. When we do this, we may bypass the root of the problem. Managing money begins with how we think and feel about money! And that often comes from what we heard our parents or people in authority say about money long before we ever had any money. Here is where we learn to have a balanced, friendly, empowering attitude about money or an attitude of fear or anger towards money.

I can remember hearing “Don’t you know that money doesn’t grow on trees!” What does this make a child think? For me, desiring money or the things that money could buy became filled with guilt or shame or stupidity.

Or what about, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Or, “rich people can’t be trusted.” This one makes you feel guilty for having or wanting money…you must be bad. Then there is, “It’s better to give than to receive.” So maybe you grow up giving, giving and giving until you don’t have any. You may use giving as a way to prove your self-worth and become the family money tree. Who helps you when you are broke? And don’t mention the resentment you build!

Yes, this money and debt thing is quite interesting when we begin to dig around in how we came to feel and behave the way we do in relation to money. Money is simply an exchange of value. It is a statement of appreciation for services rendered. Debt is a reverse measurement of our self-worth. We get focused on the debt and it becomes all we think about because it brings fear and uncertainty and guilt and blame. The more we think about it, the more we need to do something to neutralize the bad feelings. The neutralizing cure may add more debt to the pot. Then we try to pretend that it’s not there! Then it really gets worse. Then maybe we find someone else we can put the blame on. Oh, this debt thing seems like a big circle of GRIEF!

So, I invite you to check out my daily video emails for the next two weeks at www.heartworks4u.com under Blog. Each weekday, I will give you some tips and new ways to think about your debt. Then, if you want to learn some ways out, come to the seminar. You can register on the website or call us at 901-907-0260.

I love Memphis and I get very disappointed about our economy, our health, our lack of love for one another. Do something wonderful and choose to learn how to turn around the thinking that dis-empowers your capacity to thrive. Each week, in this column, I will also answer questions about debt, how it makes you feel and ways to change. Send me your questions.

Make a commitment today to believe that we all live in an abundant universe where it is our right and our duty to both give and receive. There is enough and then some. Begin now, to make just a little space in your mind for the possibility that the quality of your thoughts about money might be the problem and that this is something you can change.

Don’t you just love this promise: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth.” This is a promise of prosperity of body, mind and spirit. Believe it and receive it.

Wishing you abundance and prosperity,


(Check out Lucy Shaw’s website at http://www.heartworks4u.com. You may send your questions to her by U.S. mail to: Heartworks4U, LLC; 4646 Poplar Ave. Ste 201, Memphis, TN 38117 or by e-mail to lucy @heartworks4u.com.)

(For help with the feelings that get in the way of prayer and peace of mind, get Lucy’s new book, “BE NOT ANXIOUS.” Order it directly from her at 901-907-0260 or go to her web site www.heartworks4u.com.)


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