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Breast cancer, questions and prayer closets

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: I am a breast cancer survivor. I had a mastectomy almost 20 years ago. I had chemo and radiation. Recently the cancer has come back. I changed my diet to strict vegetarian, I exercised, I totally changed my lifestyle. I am a praying woman and I just feel like this is unfair and scary. Is there something I missed?

– So Afraid and Tired

Dear Precious One: Please accept my outpouring of love to you. This is an often-repeated story with many types of cancer. There are many new and powerful treatments and diagnostic tools available today and I am sure that you have been a good steward of your physical health. I am also sure that you will consult and follow your physician's advice as one should always do as you seek direction through prayer. The opinion that I share with you is not intended to be medical in any way.

LEGACY: Rev. Eddie Albert Brown Jr.

Rev Brown-400An Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Rev. Eddie Albert Brown Jr. – who served the AME Western Tennessee Conference for 40-plus years – died Aug. 5 at Methodist University Hospital.

Rev. Brown, who answered the call to preach at an early age, was led to the African Methodist Episcopal Church by Bishop Bettye J. Alston. Through her guidance, he became an ordained Elder. He developed an unwavering passion for justice and equality and was an outspoken supporter and defender of the rights of women in ministry.

The turbulent 60s were in full effect when Rev. Brown began his ministry. Although a youth at the time, he was mentored by civil rights icons Dr. H. Ralph Jackson, the Rev. James L. Gleese, and Dr. Henry Logan Starks. Under their leadership, Rev. he gained experience as a civil rights activist and found a niche garnering youth support of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike.

‘A Legacy of Faith’ rolls on at Cummings Street Baptist

walleraward-400tThe Sunday (Aug. 11) worship service at Cummings Street Baptist Church was filled with excitement as it was announced that the Eugene Waller Scholarships would be presented. While the students had been notified, the congregation was unaware of the recipients.

Many of those attending commented that they were proud to see young African-American men engaged in positive pursuits. The students themselves seemed happy and motivated to fulfill the late Rev. Waller's vision for "a powerful, educated, informed leadership to serve God and man!"

The 2013 Eugene Waller Scholarship recipients were: Tommie Biles, Myles Brooks, Andre Cleveland, Randall Hill, Victoria Neal, Ciara Oliver, Quentin Payne and Quinton Shaw.

Learning to walk on ‘a different street’

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: I am trying so hard to get my life together. But I am sick and tired of people criticizing me. Every time I think things will get better, someone close to me will lie to me or let me down. I am a good person and I try to help the people I love but nobody is helping me. Everybody says they want me to do better but nobody is willing to stick with me.

– It's not my fault

Dear Blameless One: There was more in your letter that we don't have room to print. Life is a journey with lots of core lessons to be learned. Some of us take longer than others to learn certain things. Two core lessons are Self-Respect and Self-Responsibility.

5 rules to follow to become a better ‘Me’

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: I enjoyed the article about being sixty years old and enjoying life. I have heard you talk about recreating yourself. How does that work? I feel like that's what I need to do. – Looking for a new me

Dear Looking: Well, the first time I learned how to do a remake of Lucy was during a time in my life that I thought something must be wrong with everybody else. I was unhappy, bored and downright miserable. Then I read a self-help book that said something about changing myself if I wanted the world around me to change. It has taken me years to perfect my own formula for change but the first rule is still the same.

‘Glad mouth’ po’ mouth-ers out of your life

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: I just celebrated my 60th birthday. I think I am doing great for a 60-year-old woman. But when I act happy about it, I have friends who start talking about how old we are getting, how we can soon get our Social Security checks and stop working. They talk about all their aches and pains. I just don't think 60 is all that old anymore. What do you think? – SIXTY AND LOVING IT

Dear Sixty: Well for starters, any day above ground is a good day. Above ground means I still have an opportunity to make a difference, if only in my way of thinking. Sounds like you are a person who loves life no matter how old you may be. I am definitely with you on that.

Want to be free? Be the Shepherd of your thoughts

2lucyMandela-600Dear Lucy: It's the 4th of July already and when I think about freedom, all I want is to be debt free. I know I'm not the only one who wants this. Sure, I live in America, home of the brave, land of the free. But I'm not feeling it.

– Looking for my freedom

Dear Freedom Hunter: Happy Fourth of July. I feel you. Debt can be overwhelming and it is relative. Owing anything at all to anybody can be devastating for some people, even if they have money. Owing more than you earn can also be tough. Or just living on the financial edge all the time can make for a scary life. When this happens, feelings of bravery and freedom are hard to get to.

Readings on tap for new entry into Christian fiction market

Author-Alisa-Lynn-400"In The Shadows of Bliss" – a new entry in the Christian fiction market – begins in the land of Bliss, a heavenly construct where souls grow to fruition. They stay there until being born brings them to earth, where the "foibles and twists of life challenge us to fight human temptation and earn our rightful return to a state of Bliss."

First-time author Alisa Lynn tells the story of Wesley, a pure soul soon to embark on a surprising journey of discovery and adventure. Her intro tour kicks off in Memphis with advance public readings arranged by custom publishing imprint marketer Heritage Publishing, a Nashville-based firm.