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Hope Church reduces energy consumption 23.5 percent; efforts save $425,319

hopechurch-400As the nation celebrates Energy Awareness Month in October, Hope Church administrators are having a celebration of their own – announcing more than $425,319 savings achieved through an innovative energy conservation program since April 2010.

The $425,319 savings is equal to 23.5 percent of the expected energy costs without the program. In environmental terms, the energy saved equates to 2,501 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions being prevented, or 449 autos off the highway annually or over 63,977 tree seedlings planted and grown in ten years.

"It is particularly appropriate to celebrate our savings this month," said Mack Oates, Energy Specialist. "Energy Awareness Month is all about teaching people to make good decisions about the energy they use, and that's what our program does. ...

"Being good stewards of both our money and our environment gives us a great sense of satisfaction here at Hope Church," Oates added. "It's simply the right thing to do."

Hope Church is the largest church in Memphis and the second largest church in the Presbyterian denomination, with 7,000 members and visitors each weekend.

The cost of utilities is the second largest budget line-item for Hope Church, and the prices for electricity, natural gas, heating oil and water have steadily increased over the past few years. To combat the rising energy and utility costs, the church entered into a partnership with Cenergistic to implement a comprehensive organizational-behavior based energy conservation program throughout all its buildings.

Cenergistic is the nation's leading organizational behavior-based conservation company and guarantees the conservation program will save taxpayer dollars, save jobs and preserveimportant programs while saving vital natural resources.

Hope's energy conservation program is projected to save $1,234,000 during the first 10 years of its implementation.

(For more information about Hope Church, visit http://www.hopepres.com.)

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