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Racist ‘Talk’ with white children

In the wake of the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., stories appeared in newspapers, on broadcast outlets and on the Internet about "the talk," a candid conversation black parents have at some point with their black sons about surviving in a society that devalues them as humans.

In an April 5 article published in Taki magazine (takimag.com), National Review contributor John Derbyshire wrote, "Yes, talk about the talk is all over." Under the headline, "The Talk: Nonblack Version,"


  • Written by George Curry

Disneyland is cool, but there are trips more valuable

When you leave the United States, you'll often find "cultural tourism," or the opportunity to enjoy a culture and also purchase trinkets or more substantial items in markets around the world. In Ghana, we look for kente cloth, statues, and masks. In other African countries, the offerings are often similar, but Zimbabwe is known for its marvelous and distinctive Shona sculpture. South African offers Ndebele dolls, among other items. And so it goes.


  • Written by Julianne Malveaux

A college degree, what’s it worth these days?

by Kelly Goff
New America Media

That seems to be the topic on everyone's mind as millions of American students head toward graduation this month. And by everyone, I don't mean my classmates, the ones who have scrimped, saved, borrowed and begged to pay for their degrees. I mean the professors, parents and education reporters who just can't stop talking about how bleak the job market is for new graduates.


A Biblical reason to vote against Mitt Romney

After President Obama expressed his personal support for same-sex marriage, there has been a robust discussion among African Americans about whether his stance will make African-American voters less likely to support him in November.


  • Written by George Curry

Flex your (political) muscles

By Cheryl Person-McNeil
Special to the Tri-State Defender

November is only six short months away, so the 2012 campaign for the White House is moving full-speed ahead. With more than 274 million Americans connected to the Internet, you probably won't be surprised that we have converged upon the Internet for any and all tidbits surrounding the presidential candidates since the beginning of the year. I think it's fascinating to see which candidates attracted the most visitors to their sites. Don't you? Aw, come on, aren't you a little curious?