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Teen pregnancies, dangers on the rise

by Zach Burgess
NNPA News Service

After more than a decade in decline, the United States teen pregnancy has been rising in recent years.

According to momlogic.com, the estimated public cost for teen pr


  • Written by NNPA News Service

Mmmm! Crab cakes made with jackfruit can be most enjoyable

Mmmm! Crab cakes made with jackfruit can be most enjoyable

Everybody loves a good recipe – even if the cook is a homemaker or someone trying to acquire the culinary skills to branch out into the world as a professional chef. You may not choose to become a chef, but that's OK. There are tons of recipes that you can follow that will convince people that you're a skillful cook.

Have you heard of a fruit called jackfruit? Well, if you haven't, it is an edible, tree-borne fruit that can weigh up to 80 lbs


Street culture vs. church power

The Rev. Marvin Winans' remark, "I refuse to be afraid of us," in the wake of the robbery attack on him by four young black men at a neighborhood gas station on Linwood and Davison (in Detroit), carries a moral truth.

It is a statement deeply rooted in the belief that we cannot throw our children away or become prisoners in our own communities, afraid to go out because young black males have become tigers in the hood, on the prowl for their next victims.


  • Written by Bankole Thompson

NAACP strays far from its mission

by Raynard Jackson

Those who have followed my writings over the years know that I am not very fond of the modern-day NAACP. They have strayed very far from their original mission and have become a patsy for the Democratic Party. They are more concerned with having a photo taken at the White House than being the picture of equality and fairness for those with no voice.


With – or without – Will Smith, eat healthy during the summer

It's unusual for me to sit back and listen to rapper Will Smith's "Summertime," a hodgepodge of rhymes and phrases about the advent of summer. The intro/chorus goes like this: "Summer, summer, summertime/Time to sit back and unwind."

When I think about summer, I think about the hot blazing sun beaming down on me. And, of course, the unhealthy foods that people tend to eat because cooks at home tend to prepare minute-meals rather than suffer over a hot stove when it's sweltering outside.