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Woeful attitude about cancer can be just as unhealthy

Chef Timothy
 Dr. Timothy

If you’re stricken with cancer, you may believe your world is coming to an end. Such was the case of a 49-year-old woman who could not see past her illness until she decided to look up and live. The thought of death was too much for her to bear because she’d be leaving six children behind.

Like anybody whose body is being ravaged by cancer, the thought of death can tax the body even further and slow the healing process. But this woman was thinking about the future of her children in the event of her death. She couldn’t focus on healing; she focused instead on all her unfulfilled dreams and aspirations.

She was troubled and afraid. The laugher was missing and the smile that once framed her face was inverted most of the time. Tears would well up in her eyes and flow like an open faucet. Did she think anyone cared? Not really, she told me. She felt alone, unable to discuss her problem, because everyone, she believed, wouldn’t understand.

People smiled in her face, she said, but she believed their smiles to be fake. No one really bothered to find out what she was going through. She believed everyone was out for his or herself and could care less about the pain that had permeated her body and the fact that she was laden with depression.

This woman actually thought the people close to her were her enemies. She was vexed by dread and doom and did not believe the positive comments and the encouraging words that she’d receive from concerned friends and loved ones. That’s because the debilitating illness that she was battling had gripped her mind and caused her to think negatively.

The diagnosis of cervical cancer was too much to bear, too much to shoulder. And like most people who are stricken with a deadly disease, questions loom: Why me? Why did this have to happen to me? Did I do anything wrong to deserve this? Why did this have to happen at this time in my life? Lord, can you give me a few more years?

After wallowing in self-pity, she soon realized that she was much to blame for her health problems. It was no one else’s fault. The problem was, and has always been, a choice of lifestyle and the kinds of food that she used to eat.

So could the inevitable be corrected to keep death at bay?

Sure. The woman was working three jobs and not getting any rest. She was constantly under stress at home and on the job in a hostile environment just to maintain shelter and provide food for her six children. She wasn’t eating right and, of course, neglected her body.

I’m certain that millions of Americans are faced with similar circumstances: They’re discovering that it’s hard dealing with cancer or any other dreaded disease. It happens to the best of us. It can slip up on you and me like a thief in the night and rob you and me of our lives.

There is good news about cancer or any other ailment. When dietary changes are implemented, the body is able to start an internal healing process in ways that most of you thought was impossible or unbelievable. You cannot listen to others. You should know your own body.

This woman had a choice to make. And it was a simple one. She realized that her health was more important than her two jobs and even her children. She started making some small changes to her diet. She also started meditating. To her surprise, she was able to regain her health and went about the rest of her life as if nothing had ever happened.

The friends and loved ones that she’d surrounded herself with were just as amazed as she was when her health improved to the point where she was no longer in the danger zone. They pelted her with questions: How did you do it? Do you still have cancer?

When I asked her how she responded to the questions, here’s what she told me: “They saw me and laughed under their breath. They had more important things to listen to than my issues. So I decided to do what was best for my family and me. I pray that no one ever has to go through the embarrassment of a life-threatening illness.”

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(Dr. Timothy Moore teaches nutrition, heart disease and diabetes reversal through a plant-based lifestyle. He is a professional speaker, wellness coach and personal plant-based chef. He can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit him on the Web sites at www.cheftimothymoore.com or www.twitter.com/cheftimmoore.)

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