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‘Get back on the horse and keep showing up’

Dear Lucy: I work for a company where women don’t seem to be valued. ... It is done in a way that I can’t really sue for it. ... I can’t quit! What should I do?

Dear Lucy:

I work for a company where women don’t seem to be valued. Over and over, the men are treated differently, getting all of the breaks, the titles and the perks. It is done in a way that I can’t really sue for it. But, my morale, my self-confidence and enthusiasm is down to an all time low. I’m sick of it, but in this economy I can’t quit! What should I do?

Dear Reader:

Since you don’t see quitting as a viable option, I guess you just have to do something to get your “muchness” back. In the recent “Alice in Wonderland,” Alice was told by the Hatter when she seemed to have no courage or fight in her that she had lost her muchness. Success depends on having “muchness.” Muchness is the confidence, enthusiasm, steady attitude of conviction in your purpose, imagination and drive that all successful people possess-even when things look bleak. Every great person has it! It is the thing that makes it possible to rise above disappointment or failure. It’s what we do with the failure or disappointment that matters.

First of all, what are you learning? Every failure brings with it a lesson. So, what? Maybe you can’t leave right now and a part of the lesson is what to do when you can’t run away. Start keeping a daily journal of the one great or small lesson you learn in that place every single day. Open your heart and mind to the lesson and the blessing.

Second, take charge of your attitude. Make a decision that your sense of confidence, happiness, imagination and drive come from inside of you and that these circumstances have come to help you to commit to this responsibility.

Third, Julie Krone was the first female jockey to ever be inducted into the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame. When talking about her success, she said that many horse owners just wouldn’t hire a female jockey. Her motto for perseverance became, “Keep showing up.” There are a lot of “firsts” under this remarkable woman’s belt simply because she kept showing up, doing her very best and one day somebody put her on a horse and the rest is history. They even made a movie about her.

Ask yourself, “How am I showing up?” This is about YOU, not the other folk. Let it be about what you will do for you. And the rest is just history!

Get back on your horse!


(Check out Lucy Shaw’s website at http://www.heart works4u.com. Send your questions to her by U.S. mail to: Heartworks4U, LLC; 4646 Poplar Ave. Ste 201, Memphis, TN 38117 or by e-mail to lucy@ ­heartworks4u.com. You may also contact her for a free 20-minute consultation.)

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