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Twitter examines white privilege

trayvon-trayvon-575Much of the nation is still reeling from the not-guilty verdict handed down to George Zimmerman over the weekend. Though Zimmerman is half Latino, many rightly name white privilege as a factor in his acquittal.

Since the verdict was announced, white Twitterers have used their own stories to illustrate the way white privilege works. Using the tag #WhitePrivilege, they shared encounters they had with police officers when they were young – situations similar to Trayvon's that ended much differently because they were not profiled as Trayvon was.

Hearing the privileged recognize and speak on their privilege imparts a bit of hope that maybe they can reach an audience that the rest of us can't.

me. @aRedMosquito

White people - we are NOT #TrayvonMartin. We are #GeorgeZimmerman. Recognize it. Own up to it. CHANGE IT. #WhitePrivilege

Lux Tempo @luxtempo

Dad as teenager:got in fights,went joyriding,drank booze,played urban thug.What teens did then & there. Lived to tell&laugh.#WhitePrivilege

Monstrosity Jenkins @symphonydog

To everyone who looks like me: society is and has been overwhelmingly balanced in your favour. And I say that even as a Jew. #whiteprivilege

Christine Slocum @ChristineLeigh1

Part of #WhitePrivilege is that I am not attacked as such when I speak my mind in solidarity. I live neither the hardship nor the pushback

P Kearns @patchworksoul

My neighbors don't call the cops on me, then stalk me, all because I wear a hoodie while walking. #IAmNotTrayvon #WhitePrivilege

Trish Robinson @trishrobinson

I was also stopped a few years ago about 3am close to home, walking (car broke down and phone dead) and cop gave me a ride. #WhitePrivilege

Johnny Golightly @JohnnyGolightly

The other day #NYPD said "good evening" to me as I walked to my Harlem apt. No melanin, no profiling. #IamNotTrayvonMartin #WhitePrivilege

1:39 PM - 14 Jul 2013

Gina @loiseau_noir

#WhitePrivilege is when i can drive/walk anywhere and not be stopped by the police because i look "suspicious". #TrayvonMartin

MJ @StackWanderer

I said it a year ago, but it is still true today: When I wear my hoodie people compliment me on it & ask where I bought it. #WhitePrivilege

(Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.)


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