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Stewart aka ‘Pebblez da Model’ charged in butt-injection murder

pebbelz-1-400Memphian, Natasha Stewart aka Pebblez da Model made an appearance late last week in a Hinds County court room after six months in State custody. She is facing a possible life sentence for referring an Atlanta woman to a non-licensed butt enhancement doctor who was allegedly injecting women with concrete or commercial grade silicon.

Stewart has admitted referring a young Atlanta woman by the name of Karima Gordon to Tracey Lynn Garner, formerly known as Morris Garner for the butt injection procedure. Garner, a transsexual, apparently had built a reputation for providing these kinds of illegal medical procedures and administered injections to Gordon at a cost of $1,500.

Gordon later died according to testimony from the lead Mississippi investigator, from blood clots in her lungs from "silicone-like" injections used in the procedure. Garner was arrested in September of last year following Gordon's 2011 death while Stewart was arrested in Memphis after a period of time on the lam.

pebbelz-2-300tAccording to the Associated Press, Gordon met Stewart in New York and paid her $200 for the referral to Garner. It was Gordon's desire to become a video and print model.

Stewart who boasts of a 48-inch posterior is assumed to have been a beneficiary of some kind of enhancements to her hind parts. She had built a reputation as a hip hop video vixen and adult entertainer.

Garner who was originally charged with one count of depraved-heart murder in the death of Gordon but was arrested again on Thursday and charged another count of depraved-heart murder, in the death of Marilyn Hale of Selma, Alabama. Garner allegedly injected "a silicone-like substance" into Hale on Jan. 13, 2010, from which she later died. Each count of carries a mandatory life sentence.

Stewart aka Pebbelz da Model plead not guilty to four counts -- murder, conspiracy to commit murder, wire fraud & conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She is facing a possible life sentence. Her trial date is set for July 22.

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