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Missouri Obama rodeo clown draws angry criticism [VIDEO]

  • Written by Roz Edward, National Content Director
  • Published in News

 missouri-fair-obama-600A bull riding competition at a Missouri State Fair on Saturday night has come under fire after a clown, sporting a Barack Obama mask and a broom protruding out of his backside, was brought out to parade in front of the public, according to CNN[1].

During the bull riding competition, President of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association and school superintendent Mark Ficken announced that they had a “special guest.”

“The guest” turned out to be a clown wearing a President Barack Obama mask and the aforementioned stick that appeared to be stuck up his behind.

Reportedly trying to rev up the crowd, another voice over the loudspeaker said, “We’re going to stomp Obama now,” and, “As soon as this bull comes out, Obama, don’t you move,,,, He’s going to getcha, getcha getcha, getcha.”

Then yet another voice was heard saying, “Hey, I know I’m a clown. He’s just running around acting like one. Doesn’t know he is one.”

The rodeo’s antics angered and sickened some spectators, with one attendee, Perry Beam, likening the event to a Klan rally.  “It wasn’t clean; it wasn’t fun. It was awful; it was sickening,” Beam said, “It was racist.”

Watch news coverage of the Missouri rodeo’s “act” here:

Editor’s Note: According to the Associated Press, The Missouri State Fair on Monday permanently banned the rodeo clown.

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