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Security and firearms training with straight-shooter Sam Hines

Our series on creative and non-traditional businesses continues with Sam Hines, owner and director of Training of Advance Security Training and Personal Protection (ASTAPP).

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What’s wrong with being a top-notch yard man?

I just hate the idea of having people treat me like hired help. What can I do when there are no other jobs in sight?

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The Artisan: Arick Elion

Arick Elion is sheer genius when it comes to all things creative. Inspiring and focused, creative and hungry, Elion’s a “triple threat” with photography, graphic design, and videography.

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Learning how to be in gratitude!

When you express gratitude as a comparative, you limit the great possibilities for acknowledging the true abundance of the Universe.

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Bits, pieces, odds & ends

Talk is circulating about a “Waiting to Exhale” sequel being in the works and it looks like the entire cast of the first film could actually be participating in this one, including once mega-star Whitney Houston.

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