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Path cut by father puts son on ‘Down to Earth’ course

Within walking distance to city, county, state and federal government buildings, banks and hotels, the Down to Earth Barber and Beauty Salon is uniquely situated to capitalize on all the foot traffic downtown.

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Never retire? Don’t count on it

It can be dangerous to believe that you can overcome a retirement income shortfall by telling yourself that you will work past the traditional retirement age or never retire at all.

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Nick Ashford: We remember

Nick Ashford, half of the singing and songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson, passed away from throat cancer on Monday (Aug. 22).  He was 70.

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Boiling hot with anger!

Dear Lucy: For years, I have suffered with boils. I read your column where you talk about emotions and the affect they can have on the body. Is there something I might be missing? 

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Salon owner nails busy-professional market

Starting over is no small feat in any business. Carolyn Bolden-Carter has proven that with hard work and dedication it can be done successfully. 

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