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Lucy Shaw

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Lucy Shaw is a Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and International Speaker with over 30 years of personal and professional leadership experience.

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Holiday parties, yes; pity parties, No! 12 December 2012 Religion
A real ‘me’ dilemma: Family drama vs. Christmas joy 07 December 2012 Religion
Even church folk get confused about money 30 November 2012 Religion
Free your mind of the ‘struggle bubble’ 21 November 2012 Religion
‘Tyranny’ of the moment and the search for life 15 November 2012 Religion
‘Things’ don’t feed the soul 02 November 2012 Religion
‘So what is this disorder all about?’ 25 October 2012 Religion
Don’t let your ego block a gift from your soul 19 October 2012 Religion
‘Old Lady,’ trust your intellect with young ’uns 11 October 2012 Religion
‘Joyful noise’ or a ‘bunch of noise?’ 04 October 2012 Religion
Walk through the fire and let ‘nosy’ be 27 September 2012 Religion
Movies as ‘graven images’ – what’s up with that? 21 September 2012 Religion
Press ‘play’ then step into your sacred circle 13 September 2012 Religion
Struggling? Make your call, let go and let God 06 September 2012 Religion
Wuf-wuf! Thank God for ‘Mr. Lee’ 30 August 2012 Religion
Embrace the overflow and go with what you know 16 August 2012 Religion
When your get up and go is off and running, ease up and check your hands 09 August 2012 Religion
Boss ‘making’ you crazy? Check your power source 02 August 2012 Religion
Out with ‘stupid rest,’ in with ‘Sabbath rest’ 26 July 2012 Religion
Check your lens if you’re not living the life you love 19 July 2012 Religion