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State of the music industry

Mr. Del, Erika Pearson and Keelyn Ellis represent some of the best that Memphis has to offer. All three are making serious moves to keep Memphis on the forefront of the entertainment business.

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Puttin’ in the work yields big-time payday

Broadcast giant Viacom has teamed with the Get Schooled Foundation and the White House to present the “Top Commencement Challenge Special.”

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‘Who does she think she is?’

What do you do when that person whom you know in your heart doesn’t really like you suddenly wants to be your friend?  Check out this week’s question ... 

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The business of music

As a salute to Black Music Month, our focus in June will be all things music as we explore what drives success in the music business.

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So what if you are not perfect, yet?

Dear Lucy: “I have a chance to start a new job doing something that I have always wanted to do. The problem is that I know there are other people in the company who are better qualified.

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