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I don’t get ‘planking’

There has been a phenomenon of sorts to enter pop culture in the past few weeks. Perhaps you may have heard of “planking.” Here is one thing I am not ashamed to shout in public: ”I don’t get it.”

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Taking back your power: a place to start

Dear Lucy: ... I eat all the time because it makes me feel better. But when I go to the doctor I am ashamed and scared of what I will hear next. I don’t know what to do.

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Renaissance of Memphis music

Our African-American Music Month series concludes this week with a discussion on the renaissance of Memphis Music, featuring music veterans Johnnie Walker, Kurt “KC” Clayton and Kirk Whalum.

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The fragrance of a bad memory!

Dear Lucy: I have this co-worker that I don’t especially like who wears cologne that I hate! ... Can I just ask her to stop wearing it around me?

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Have I become my parents?

Why is it that I feel like an old man each year that I sit down to watch the BET Awards. I mean, a really old man.

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