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U.S.-African leaders summit long overdue

President Barack Obama will once again make national and international summit 600history when the White House hosts the first United States – African Leaders Summit on August 5-6.  In the 238-year history of the United States, no U.S. president has ever invited the presidents of each African nation to convene in Washington, D.C.
Announcing the purpose of the summit, the White House stated, “President Obama looks forward to welcoming leaders from across the African continent to the Nation’s Capital to further strengthen ties with one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing regions. The Summit will build on the progress made since the President’s trip to Africa last summer, advance the Administration’s focus on trade and investment in Africa, and highlight America’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development, and its people.”

GM’s Eric Peterson loves dealing in diversity

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – After working 37 years for General Motors, it is not gmdiversity 600unusual for Eric Peterson, vice president of Diversity Dealer Relations, to walk into an African-American dealership and be introduced to one of the owner’s children.
“See that man there,” a dealer recently told his son, pointing to Peterson. “He helped me get started. And if you do what you’re supposed to do, he’ll help you, too.”

Mississippi? ‘I’ll go as far as Memphis’

freedomsummer 600The 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer is being commemorated this week in Mississippi and it provides the perfect backdrop to reflect on the transformation of not only Mississippi, then the deadliest state in the nation, but the entire region.
As I have written in the space before, there was a popular joke about Mississippi making the rounds during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  Supposedly, a Chicago seminary student was awakened at 3 a.m. by a voice imploring him: “Go to Mississippi! Go to Mississippi!! Go to Mississippi!!!” The seminary student said, “Lord, you said that you will be with me always, even until the end of the earth. If I go to Mississippi, will you go with me?” The heavenly voice replied, “I’ll go as far as Memphis.”

Copperstoppers launched to halt scrap metal thefts

The local war on the theft of copper and other metals, and the damage caused by thieves who strip copper wires and pipes from homes, apartment buildings and churches has a new weapon.
 copper 600
Called Copperstoppers, the program will be operated by CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County in partnership with the Memphis Police Department's Real Time Crime Center. At its core, Copperstoppers will provide enhanced awards of up to $1,000 for anonymous tips that lead to the arrest of thieves as well as those who knowingly trade in stolen metal.
Copperstoppers represents a new coordination of government and private sector interests who say copper theft is ruining homes, eroding the city's tax base, and discouraging investment in the city.                        

Blacks need more racists

rayjack 600A few weeks ago, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) made a stunning announcement that caused a lot of consternation in the Black community.
UNCF had accepted a $ 25 million contribution from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation.
Under normal circumstances, David and Charles Koch – the brothers who control the two entities – would be applauded for their generosity.  But some blacks have labeled the Koch brothers as racist simply because they are white, conservative, and libertarians who believe in smaller government, lower taxes and ballot integrity.