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Roundup: News briefs


Shelby County officials warn of temperature drop

 (AP) — Emergency officials in Shelby County are advising residents to take precautions ahead of a significant drop in temperatures this week.

National Weather Service forecasters in Memphis say temperatures are expected to fall into the 40s on Tuesday afternoon, then drop into the 30s on Tuesday night.

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Will an emboldened GOP turn on Obama’s attorney general pick Loretta Lynch?


Now that President Obama has named his selection of Loretta Lynch as the new U.S. Attorney General, the only question is: how long will it take for the Republicans in Congress to turn on her? They don’t need much of a reason, except that she is an outstanding lawyer, a sister with impeccable credentials, a top notch pedigree and commitment to civil rights.

If confirmed, Lynch would become the nation’s first black woman attorney general, and the first U.S. attorney elevated to the position in two centuries. Given the GOP’s abysmal track record with black people — particularly African-Americans in the Obama White House, including the commander-in-chief himself — we know it is only a matter of time before it gets real.

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LeBron James and American hypocrisy


I was prepared this week to write an article on sports and fatherhood.Instead, I was struck by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ opening game featuring the return of Akron, Ohio’s native son, LeBron James. With hours of national sports coverage and thousands of fans who traveled downtown to enjoy a free concert from Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons – including live commentary from Charles Barkley and jokes from comedian/actor Kevin Hart – the event was overwhelming.

The city unveiled a new 10-story LeBron James banner, featured six hours of fan experience from Nike, invited fans to game watching parties at more than 40 bars and restaurants, and unveiled a humungous, state-of-the-art scoreboard inside Quickens Loan Arena, where those with tickets to the game received free LeBron James T-shirts, a season schedule magnet for their refrigerators and 20,000 glow-in-the-dark wands to wave during the game announcements.

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Time for African-American Democrats to switch


The midterm elections are over, the final numbers are in and they don’t look pretty if you’re a progressive. So, I am going to propose something our national African American leaders should have suggested a long time ago: It’s time for us to switch. No, not to the Republican Party. That  would be tantamount to drinking Jim Jones Kool-Aid (Young people, Google “Guyana Massacre”). It’s time to switch our emphasis from politics to economics.

I remember Al Sharpton, speaking at the 2004 Democratic convention, saying Blacks had decided to ride the (Democratic) donkey as far as it would take us. Well, Al, that donkey has taken us as far as we can go in politics, even into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now, it’s time to park that old, tired pack animal on a farm and try a new mode of transportation.

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