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Memphis teen ready for ‘Down-Under’ voyage

Daria Letcher-400Daria Letcher, a high school student at Hutchison School, has been chosen as a global ambassador for People to People. On Sunday, June 30th, she will be traveling with a select group of students to Australia, where they will be visiting and getting hands-on experiences at the Zoo and community services.

The daughter of Sherrye Letcher, Daria will be spending a day with a Marine Biologist studying live organism in the ocean. She is 15 and a certified Diver.

Daria will be gone for 15 days. She had to do a lot of fund-raising and studying to prepare for the trip because all site visits are hands-on training. She is the only traveler from Tennessee going to Australia.

In the 1960s, Daria's grandmother was part of the sit-ins movement. Today she mark's Daria's Australian journey as milestone because in 1960 her generation could not even go to the library to read about Australia.

"What a civil rights break through," says Sherrye Letcher.

For the record, Daria wants to be a marine biologist.

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