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No shame in Ledisi’s game

If you were anywhere other than the Cannon Center on Saturday night, shame, shame, shame.

 Ledisi, who has been around for 10 years, has released five albums but is just now headlining her own tour. Photos by Warren Roseborough)
 Timothy Bloom amply filled the bill as the opening act.

How could you not wanna check out Ledisi in concert?

And to top it all off, the show was hosted by none other than the “What’s Happening Man” himself...ME!

New Orleans born Ledisi is a performer, and a good one at that. She’s so soulful that even Patti Labelle called her the new Patti Labelle. And according to Myron Mays, she’s one good looking woman too. (lol) There’s gotta be a reason why I have seen her in concert three times in 12 months.

Ledisi brought along Fairville, N. Car. native Timothy Bloom, who is very talented. His style? Well, if you put together a mixture of soul, rock and blues, you would probably get Bloom. Be on the lookout for some big things from this guy. In the meantime, you can catch his project – “The Budding Rose” – on Itunes.

After I got my mid-show announcements out of the way, I was ready to take my seat and get ready for the headliner. It’s amazing that Ledisi has actually been around for over 10 years, has released five albums and is just now headlining her own tour. But I guess everything happens at the right time.

And the right time it was. Ledisi was on top of her game and her band was right there with her. She has one of the baddest guitar players I have ever heard.

You most likely have heard her latest single, “Let’s Stay Together,” featuring Jahiem. She performed that song as well Saturday night, and while Jahiem wasn’t in town, Bloom returned to the stage doing pretty well was a substitute.

As the show neared the midway point, almost everyone was standing and singing along. The ladies seemed to love “Celebrate Life” and “Pieces of Me” even more. Yes, even I was singing along, but I was trying my best not to sing too loud though. You do know that’s a woman’s song, right? (lol)

Ledisi wrapped up the show with her hit song, “It’s Alright,” which led to a standing ovation. Trying not to be too choked up, she left us with a little story of how her mother gave her the idea for the song.

Here’s my account of the story:

Ledisi found herself sleeping on the floor at a friend’s house. She called her mother and explained to how she was ready to give up and call it quits. Her mother told her, “It’s alright,” adding that she should not give up.

A song was born.

Ledisi also stressed the importance of loving yourself, saying that then you can show others how you want to be loved.

Then she dropped one last gem:

“Never let just anyone in your personal circle.”

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