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Ledisi: Back with a plan


R&B songbird Ledisi has been in the music game well over a decade. Her sixth album – “Pieces of Me” – is set to be released this week.  R&B songbird Ledisi has been in the music game well over a decade. Her sixth album – “Pieces of Me” – is set to be released this week. The title track and first single, “Pieces Of Me,” is getting major airplay across the country. It is the No. 1 gainer on Urban Adult radio at No. 9 and posts its highest debut on the Billboard R&B charts.

Myron Mays: Your new album “Pieces of Me” is set to drop this week, tell us about it?

 Ledisi, who performed Tuesday in the “Road to ESSENCE Music Festival” free, summer concert at the Walmart Supercenter at 7525 Winchester Road, is riding the energy of new album, “Pieces of Me”.

I’m excited about it. This is to date one of my favorite albums. I have a lot of young producers and songwriters with a mixture of old school people I love. I worked with Chuck Harmony and Clark Kelly and others. It’s an exciting project. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the world thinks.

Myron Mays: I love the new single, was there any inspiration for the song?

Ledisi: It was the last song written by me, Clark Kelly and Chuck Harmony and they asked me how did I feel about the entire CD now that we were down to the last song. I told him that it was pieces of me that people were gonna be surprised about. So they were like great, this is gonna be the last song and we’ll write about pieces of you. It ended up being the title track of the album, the first single and an anthem for women, and men love it as well.

Myron Mays: You’re very talented. How did you get into the music industry? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Ledisi: My mother was a performer. We are originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and I would watch her. She had her own band and made a living performing and going to college in the nighttime and also working at the Post Office. She did a lot of stuff and took care of the entire family. My stepfather was a drummer. I watched them and how they dealt with their band and each other. That was a big influence on me. When she performed shows, she always gave 110 percent, the crowd went crazy and I always wanted to be like her. Anything she listened to, I would listen to. That’s how I got involved in music. She helped nurture that.

Myron Mays: You released your first album in 2000, right? With your latest album, it really looks like things at beginning to open up for you now with more radio play. That’s gotta be a great feeling huh?

Ledisi: It’s exciting. This is my sixth album and my fourth major-label album. The radio and the marketing are very different. I’ve changed management and came with a plan this time. You have to have a great group of people working with you. Not just a record label, you need nice management and a team. Everybody matters.

Myron Mays: What artist would you like to collaborate with that you haven’t gotten the chance to work with yet?

Ledisi: I’d love to be in the studio with Prince. He’s one of my favorites. Prince and Stevie Wonder are my two favorites. I’d love to sit in the studio and really write something. They both are admirers of my craft and I love them dearly and they have influenced me greatly. I hope one day they’ll let me sit in with them.

Myron Mays: You’ve gotten the chance to record well over a decade, which is something that a lot of artists never get the chance to accomplish. Along with that, what do you think is your greatest accomplishment in your music career?

Ledisi: I think I’m still finding out what that is. But I will say for someone who is just becoming known, I have a lot of songs I have to pick to be able to perform live, and that’s a good feeling. I have a big body of work that people are fans of and that’s a good feeling too.

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