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Entertainment bits & pieces

Tom Bergeron – the host of “Dancing with The Stars” – was a little reluctant to interview Chris Brown when he appeared on the show this week.
 Myron Mays

No. 1 with a bang

Tom Bergeron – the host of “Dancing with The Stars” – was a little reluctant to interview Chris Brown when he appeared on the show this week. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Bergeron reflected on his own interview style and said he told the show’s producers that it might not be to their advantage to have him interview Brown.

Even if he asks Brown, “So, how was your week?”

All of this in the wake of Brown sort of losing it last week after an appearance on “Good Morning America” when host Robin Roberts asked him about the two-year-old Rihanna incident. After the interview, Brown apparently proceeded to tear up the dressing room and break a window, showing broken glass on everyone below.

Speaking of Chris Brown, he has at least managed to make one great thing happen for himself. His new album has made it to the number one spot, a first for his career. F.A.M.E has managed to move nearly 300,000 copies. Not sure if this was the way he wanted to make it to number one, but I’m sure the record company is still smiling right about now. Unfortunately, it looks like his bad behavior is being rewarded.

Wyclef, what are you saying?

After reading the caption attached to a photo of Wyclef Jean, I had to ask myself, “What’s the bright side of being shot?” I guess the bright side is that it wasn’t fatal.

According to Wyclef, the shooting incident drew attention to the elections in Haiti. He reasons – out loud – that had he not been shot, no one would have known that there was a presidential election taking place in Haiti that day. Well, maybe he’s right.

What’s amazing is that had he been able to run for president, he would have been the biggest news out of Haiti that day. And while he ended up not being able to run, he rivaled the biggest news out of Haiti that day anyway.

Foxy Brown on cruise control

Here’s one I couldn’t mention on the radio for obvious reasons. It seems that rapper Foxy Brown was kicked off the Tom Joyner Cruise for apparent bad behavior.

Although no one is giving up details on what happened, Brown hasn’t been a stranger to trouble in the past couple of years. She has, however, been a stranger to new music. As a matter of fact, she has been in the news for just about everything but her music.

Recently, Brown released a twitter statement fighting the rumors that she was kicked off of the ship and also called Joyner a liar. I guess there will be more details at some point. I just hope she can stay out of trouble and get back to making music instead of making trouble.

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