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New app pairs Alicia Keys and child-rearing

Fourteen-time Grammy winner and new mother Alicia Keys has launched an app for kids.

The app, which was created through her company, AK Worldwide and Bento Box Interactive, was partly inspired by her experiences in raising her 2-year-old son, Egypt, the singer and entrepreneur told The Associated Press.


  • Written by NNPA News Service

Success Unlimited

People often use the phrase "ball of energy." Natasha Donerson is that plus more. She is the queen of follow through. As the CEO of Success Unlimited, LLC she is about the business of helping others win.

Carlee McCullough: Natasha, please tell me about yourself and your business.


What does Medicare cover?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for elderly persons and certain disabled individuals. In 1965, Medicare was enacted to provide a "safety net" of health-care coverage for qualifying individuals.

Medicare is packaged in two major parts. Part A is hospital insurance protection.


Land Bank to market surplus city, county properties

Real estate agents, land developers and prospective buyers will now find it easier to invest in surplus properties that belong to Shelby County and/or the City of Memphis.

The Shelby County Commission and Memphis City Council gave approval last week to allow the Shelby County Land Bank to coordinate the sale or donation of thousands of properties owned by Shelby County and/or the City of Memphis, which are scattered throughout Memphis and Shelby County.


4 key things ‘iPad mini’ should pack

Just as expected, Apple held its cards till the very end – a smaller less expensive iPad is in production. Though there hasn't been an official announcement from the company, the Wall Street Journal recently confirmed that an Asian supplier for Apple has started production on the rumored tablet.

This comes on the heels of Amazon's newly released Kindle Fire HD models and Barnes & Noble's new Nook HD (which will be available on Nov. 13).


  • Written by Cornelius A. Fortune

‘Plan C’ mindset works for home-based business champion

‘Plan C’ mindset works for home-based business champion

Thousands of businesses nationwide operate in a silo from their homes.  But one Memphian, Beverly Anderson, had the great idea to create the Home Based Business Chamber of Commerce to serve as a support system to those operating a business from home. I am sure that many of you are thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Carlee McCullough: Please tell me about yourself and your business.

Beverly Anderson: I have a bookkeeping business and currently I serve as a small business mentor with SCORE.