Two questions: Retirement challenges facing business owners and professionals

Q: How can I convert my business into planned retirement income?

A: With all businesses, especially those that are primarily service oriented, it is important to transition from one that is "lifestyle based" to one that can be "equity based."


New way to NBA: ‘NBA Baller Beats’ scores big innovation

nbagametechby Cornelius Fortune
Real Times News Service

Can't teach an old ball new tricks? Think again.

"NBA Baller Beats," unveiled during this year's annual E3 conference – featuring the best and latest innovations of the video game industry – has all the makings of a hit game. The Majesco Entertainment title is slated for a September release and includes not only the game, but a full-sized Spalding basketball.


MOGA puts the future of mobile gaming in your hands

mogaThe MOGA controller hopes to change the face of mobile gaming. “Pac-Man” is one of a select list of titles to use the new technology. (Photo by Cornelius Fortune)by Cornelius Fortune
Real Times News Service

"Angry Birds" excluded, most games designed for your phone don't replicate the game controller that well ("Angry Birds" was designed for mobile platforms). While touchscreen technology has a plethora of advantages and intuitive controls, it's not always compatible with video game play.

Enter the MOGA Mobile Gaming System just unveiled at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles. Developed by PowerA (a leader in gaming innovation) this device connects to your tablet or cell phone, giving a much richer game experience on par with your console experience.


Exercise your game

dance3Dancers show E3 audiences how to use “Dance Central 3.” (Photo by Cornelius Fortune)by Cornelius Fortune
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

One of the most exciting aspects of E3 wasn't just all the innovation announcements and stunning demo play – it was the pound of music and the act of dance; fully assembled groups, coordinated and visually tracked upon large screens moving to an infectious beat.

Two of these games, "Dance Central 3" and "Just Dance 4" were huge crowd pleasers.


City’s Contract Compliance office has ‘Bright’ future

marylbrightNow it’s up to Mary L. Bright to oversee the office that provides oversight to the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Program as well as the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program. (Courtesy photo)May has been pretty much of a blur for Mary L. Bright. It's the month in which she received the Office of Contract Compliance (OCC) baton passed to her by a predecessor with a 12-year stamp on the position.

The OCC is known by many as the place for small, minority and women-owned businesses to go to obtain assistance in doing business with the City of Memphis. Carlee McCullough, Esq., who made the decision to retire on March 23 and start her own firm, McCullough Law, had run the office since 2000.


How can you insure your future?

Long ago, people realized that there is strength in numbers. For hundreds of years, we have been joining forces against all kinds of calamities – including financial troubles.

The concept of insurance is simply that if enough of us can pool our money to form a large enough fund, then together we can handle practically any financial disaster. Our motivation for contributing to this fund is our own eligibility to draw from it in the event of a disaster. One for all and all for one, so to speak.


Going full time!: McCullough Law:

"On Our Way To Wealthy" was designed as a weekly business column to inform and inspire African Americans to create and build wealth in our community. Over the last two years, we've profiled all types of businesses. From sports agents to stylists and contractors to security firms, their thoughts and steps have been laid out so that others may follow.

We have also provided advice on business plans, funding a business and marketing the business.


TSU alumna returns as Fortune 500 executive-on-loan

NASHVILLE (TSU News Service) – Patricia Brewer Hairston has landed a "rare" opportunity to give back to her alma mater. The 1977 graduate of Tennessee State University, an executive at Corning Incorporated, a Fortune 500 company, will be working at TSU for one year as an "executive-on-loan" funded by Corning.


Black Enterprise matriarch was a guiding force

(PRNewswire) – Family matriarch and a guiding force of Black Enterprise, Barbara Kydd Graves, died last week (May 25) at Howard University Hospital after a more than three-year battle with gall bladder cancer. She was 74.


‘Two Drink Minimum’ Have setup, will travel

For the social-minded folks that prefer to party at home or organize their own events, Brian Bailey is at your service. With years of bartending experience under his belt, Bailey decided that the time was right to launch his own company appropriately titled, Two Drink Minimum. He brings his own setup and will do as much – or as little – as the client needs for the event.


Doing your heirs a favor

The passing of a loved one is never easy for friends and family, but it can be even more difficult if the survivors do not have the information they need to make decisions and take care of final arrangements.

Legal documents such as a will and powers of attorney are important, but a letter of instructions – which is not a legal document – could be just as advantageous for your heirs.


Methodist South names ‘Nurse of the Year’

Charles Lapsley, a Methodist South Hospital registered nurse, was recently named Nurse of the Year.

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) recognizes outstanding nurses during the annual Nursing Stars Celebration.


A-K Enterprises proves that marriage is good for business

When Kenneth Turner decided to pursue a business opportunity, he jumped in with both feet full time. Retiring from Shelby County Government, Turner started a process service business. Shortly thereafter, he saw the opportunity to add property management to the mix and he did. The diversification has been an ideal marriage, with A-K Enterprises now growing at a steady pace.