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Yolanda Adams on ‘Becoming’


Yolanda Adams, best known for her stellar vocal performances, is an entrepreneur and possibly one of the nicest people you will ever cross paths. by Grace Boateng
NNPA News Service

Yolanda Adams, best known for her stellar vocal performances, is an entrepreneur and possibly one of the nicest people you will ever cross paths.  If she is not performing at an intimate gathering at the White House, you might find her performing for millions on stage at the Grammy’s.  

During the weekdays, you can catch Adams hosting her radio program, “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” and pretty soon you will see her clothing designs in a store near you.

Grace Boateng: When was the moment you realized you had this gift and decided...I want to sing.

 Yolanda Adams
 Multi-Platinum Grammy Award winning Gospel Artist Yolanda Adams talks about her new clothing line, her life, and a new album, “Becoming.” (Courtesy photo)

I’ve been singing in church all of my life.  Starting with the pee-wee choir like most kids… then I got a chance to be part of a wonderful choir called The Southeast Inspirational Choir, which was already a recording choir.  They were already traveling all over the United States and that was actually my entre into professional singing.

GB: Through your musical ministry, your radio program, your written words, you inspire a lot of people. Who inspires you?

YA: My family inspires me a lot.  My daughter, Taylor, is one of the greatest inspirations in my life.  She is funny, she’s a joy, she’s a great child, she makes her mom very, very proud. My 95-year-old grandmother (Francis Means), who lives with us still, is an inspiration.  She is the matriarch of the family holding everything together.  It’s just a blessing to be able to say that.

GB: I know as an artist for every work there is a journey, a reason, a motivation.  The title of your latest album is “Becoming,” talk to me about where this album came from?

YA: I hadn’t done a studio project in a minute. I had done a lot of work in my other businesses, trying to make sure everything was together there and of course the ministry, but inspiration in my life has always been key. What inspires me to wake up in the morning? What inspires me to be the best I can be?  What inspires me and gets me motivated?  So I figure hey, if I’m that kind of person, what do people need? They need inspiration. They need to be inspired to create. They need to be inspired to work out.  They need to be inspired to do all that they do.  That was the basic theme of this new recording called “Becoming,” because every day we are evolving into something “good” or “bad”.  We are evolving into what I want to believe as something special.

GB: Being a Christian in the Entertainment industry are you still met with challenges? What sort of challenges do you combat?

YA: I don’t think there are challenges for me in the entertainment world especially now.  I think what happens is conventional popularity says the older you get the less you are going to have an audience. But, folks like Nancy Wilson, Gladys Knight, Cher, Bette Midler, and, of course, my role model, Miss Aretha Franklin, squash all that. They have more people listening to them and wanting to hear what they have to say. You have to be comfortable in who you are, comfortable in your spirituality, and comfortable in your womanhood.  You just evolve into this place where you’re like wow I love where I am.

GB: You are quite the businesswoman…. I see now that you have a clothing line. Have you always been interested in fashion?

YA: I have always been interested in fashion, by necessity. Growing up in a family where you are the tallest girl and your inseam is 32” and you’re only 11 years old, it was a lot. My grandmother and mother taught me how to sew way back in the day.  

So, I was making my clothes back then and I said to myself that there should be a line for young people that look at the length and not just the width of pants, or dresses, or skirts.  I’m finding I’m having that same kind of problem with Taylor, because my daughter she’s tall, she’s statuesque, she beautiful, and she’s only 10 years old.  

Right now, we’re doing Yolanda Adams couture. There are suits, pants, coats, blouses, and dresses for women who want that classic look of the 40’s, 50’s, and the 60’s, where the lines were clean and crisp.  You also have that hint of sexiness, but not too much.  In developing this clothing line, we’re working with this company that has a high caliber of knit that flows so well and fits the body well without it being offensive or tight.  So, Yolanda Adams Couture is coming.

(Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times.)

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