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The road to retail: Oo! D…Good Sauce

CarleeMcCullough-160ON OUR WAY TO WEALTHY Recently I tasted a sauce that was so good that I wanted to put it on everything. Already I have tried it on tacos, fish, steak, barbecue, hamburgers, chicken, lamb and French fries. The true treat was getting to know James Pitchford, who has taken the family sauce and perfected it. He started the Pitchford Sauce Company, LLC and this is his story.

Carlee McCullough: Tell me about yourself.

James Pitchford: In the past, my life has been one of struggle like so many others. With God I was able to persevere and overcome. I am steadily evolving as a person and as a business person. As it relates to my professional life, I have done heating, air conditioning, ventilation (HVAC) and plumbing in many capacities and for many clients. But as of recently, I am the founder and creator of Oo! D...Good Sauce®.

CM: Why did you want to start a business?

oo D Good-250JP: In my family, folks worked a job most of their lives and when they retired, they still had a problem paying their bills. I decided that I wanted something different by working for myself. I could make more money providing a service or a product than I could punching a clock. So I started my business in HVAC and had it for many years. Now I am in the sauce business.

CM: How did you decide to start Pitchford Sauce Company, LLC?

JP: I made it up in my mind that I wanted a product in the stores. So I invented some items that received great reviews. I made the sauce as a hobby and people loved it. To be honest the sauce wasn't my focus until the people that tasted it persuaded me that this was the way to go.

CM: How did you stumble upon the recipe?

JP: My mother was a cook years ago. She worked for the city schools. My mother would make sauces when I was little and I would help. I started off making barbeque sauce. I would work with her in the kitchen. So she would make sauces and I would perfect them. So the sauce started with my mother.

CM: Please describe Oo! D... Good Sauce®.

JP: Oo! D...Good Sauce® is sweet, spicy and delicious.

CM: When did you get the idea to make it into a business?

JP: From years of work in HVAC my legs begin to give a little. After years of climbing in basements, attics, and ladders this began to take its toll on my knees. I was pursuing my other invention when the demand for Oo! D... Good Sauce® began to increase. Thus a business was born. As long as I can believe it I can achieve it.

CM: How did you come up with the name?

JP: When we first started out people would ask for a bottle of "that good sauce." So as time went on people would say let me have a bottle of "D good sauce." Then my baby daughter got the bottle and tasted it. She liked it so much that when we went to get the bottle from her, she pulled it closer to her and said "Oo! D... good sauce." From that point on the name "Oo! D... Good Sauce®" was made permanent.

CM: What are your plans for the sauce?

JP: We are close to having the sauce in retail stores. Currently we are waiting on two labels. Ultimately our goal is to grow this company into an international company with Oo! D...Good Sauce® distributed worldwide.

CM: How did you create the labeling and contents for retail?

JP: My brother introduced me to Mr. Ingram, a local chemist in the market place, that helped me with the labeling and contents in order to prepare for retail. Mr. Ingram also made sure that I started off right with the services of a great lawyer and accountant.

CM: What has inspired you to do this?

JP: I wanted my independence as a business owner.

CM: How can people buy the sauce today?

JP: Within a short few months, you will be able to purchase it in the stores. However, now you can purchase it online at www.OODGoodSauce.com.

CM: Any last words?

JP: There are two ways to become successful in this country. You must provide a service or a product. I had my time offering my services in HVAC. But now my calling is providing a product, Oo! D... Good Sauce®. A lot of people make it, why not me!

(Contact Carlee McCullough, Esq., at 5308 Cottonwood Road, Suite 1A, Memphis, TN 38118, or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

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