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MCS tech camp prepares students for future

MCS tech camp-600x434by Christian Ross
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

For many people, the term "Web 2.0" might as well be foreign language.

But for hundreds of Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools students who took part in the 2012 Got Tech summer camp, Web 2.0 meant taking a glimpse at future career options.

In its fourth year, Got Tech teaches students to explore the world of technology. Students spent a week creating blogs, podcasting and even tried their hands at video production.

"It's been very fun and it helped me grow more on the computer," said Antonio Sims II, a 7th grade camp participant, who attends Shillings Farms Middle School.

Sims said that application development for the Apple's IOS and Android operating systems is something that interests him. As an aspiring movie producer/director, the camp's video production lessons only fed his desire to pursue a career in filmmaking.

Richland Elementary School teacher Chris Yancy said allowing students from different backgrounds to work together helped them to grow and learn from each other.

"By the end of the camp, kids were at a point where they were helping each other on the computer. It was such a great thing to see," Yancy said.

Technology-based degrees are in high demand from employers across the country. Got Tech prepares students for academic success by integrating highly sought after technology skills into classroom lessons.

Parents are excited about the opportunities created for their children.

"With technology constantly changing, it's great to expose them at such a young age," said graphic design expert Dawn Newberry, whose daughter, Autumn, a 5th grade student at Bon Lin Elementary School, participated in the camp. Newberry noted that the camp taught her daughter that the computer is not just for games or music.

Got Tech volunteers left the program equally impressed by the caliber of work the students produced.

"I was expecting copy and paste, maybe a slideshow, but not blogging and video production," said Christy Corbett, a senior at the University of Memphis.

Corbett added that the students were extremely tech-savvy and far more advanced on a computer than she was in elementary or middle school.

Got Tech students completed the camp excited about the possibilities that lay before them. With a head start in a growing industry, these students could easily become CEOs, lead technical application developers, or Academy Award winning producers.

"We will definitely be going back to the camp next year," Newberry said.

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