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Court hearing looms for Thaddeus Matthews

  • Written by Tony Jones

Controversial – yet wildly popular – independent blogger and radio personality Thaddeus Matthews will appear before arbitrator D.J. Alisandratos on Tuesday, June 5th to decide if he will possibly be returning to the airwaves soon.

Matthews is embroiled in a dispute with Pollack Broadcasting, the owner of WPLX Radio, where Matthews' acerbic, shock-jock style made him a popular media figure, but may have also gotten him kicked off the air; unfairly he says.

He also alleges that the owner of WPLX, William Pollack, has never met the stipulations of the contract leasing broadcast time to Matthews, including violation of basic FCC regulations.

But it was Matthews' blunt dismissal of Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann that may have caused the arrangement to sever. After a terse interview, Matthews literally cursed Bergmann and directed her to remove herself from the broadcasting studio.

Pollack sent Bergmann a letter of apology and by week's end Matthews was off the air. Pollack has said that he is a member of the Tea Party, as is Bergmann. It is on this basis that Matthews feels he has concrete proof that his expulsion from the station was illegal and unethical, but Pollack answers that Matthews owes more than $80,000 in lease fees.

"And I am going to prove at the arbitration that he is in violation of several stipulations of the contract, including a buyout clause," said Matthews.

"I have supporters that are interested in bringing the show back to the public and he is refusing to honor the agreement. I ran for 21 months and made WPLX a powerful commodity in the media market here. I am in no circumstances going to lie down and let him steal the value of my hard work."

Responding to a TSD interview request, Pollack said via email, "I appreciate your interest. However, we are a privately owned company. It is not our policy to comment on pending litigation.

"As per one of your questions, may I suggest Pollack Broadcasting is a 33-year-old company with no record of defaulting on our obligations. Mr. Matthews' assertion of such is contemptible, at the very least."


+1 #1 BabaBooey 2012-06-02 01:09
I think the last paragraph sums it up. Matthews is full of hot-air and has zero credibility.

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