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Commissioner Brooks: ‘Justice is being targeted’

Vowing not to “give up the fight” amid what she labels “attacks,” Shelby
brooks 600County Commissioner Henri E. Brooks says she is moving forward with her quest to become Juvenile Court clerk as the Democratic Party nominee.
Brooks issued a written statement detailing her commitment on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, she resigned as a community/government research specialist in the Faith and Health division of the Congregational Health Network at Methodist. Misdemeanor assault charges are pending against Brooks following a June 10th confrontation in a parking lot that serves the hospital.
Calling the upcoming election the most important in Shelby County in a very long time, Brooks said, “This is our last, best window of opportunity to break the Juvenile Court’s school-to-prison pipeline.”
On Wednesday morning, The New Tri-State Defender spoke briefly with Brooks, who said she was unable to elaborate on her written statement pending a conversation with her attorney. Meanwhile, her residency is being challenged, with Commissioner Terry Rowland pushing an investigation by the Shelby County attorney.
In her written statement, Brooks said media portrayal of the parking lot incident, which allegedly involved her throwing water on Liese Nichols in the heat of the confrontation over a parking space, was not accurate.
“However, I sincerely regret that the detractors and those opposed to real change have used this as an opportunity to take the focus off the critical issues affecting our children at Juvenile Court and therefore minimizing all that is at stake in this election,” Brooks said in the statement. “I want you to know that justice is being targeted, because we are standing up and fighting for families, children and women and for justice throughout the system.”
Saying that she was “speaking truth to power” about the public policy decisions that economically affect our community and entrap our children in poverty, Brooks added, “I will continue to fight until the job is done, and there is no longer any reason to fight.”


0 #3 Hamilton 2014-06-20 09:33
Quoting Emma:

Yes, Mrs. Marshall, you are correct. We must stand with Commissioner Brooks for It was she who brought light to "the Juvenile Court’s school-to-priso n pipeline.”

Terry Rowland is a joke from Shelby County.
0 #2 LueElla Marshall 2014-06-19 12:47
I stand with, Ms. Henri Brooks, because some of my children have been, victims of this Juvenile sysrem. The ill treatment of our children, are not going away with-out us standing up. It's time, that we, the citizens, become more involve. However,we shall challenge these old and new Jim Crow laws and seek change. We either, stand for; somethig together, or keep falling for these out dated laws, that, keep us, Chained and Bound.
0 #1 Emma 2014-06-18 21:34

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