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Drake: At ‘home’ in Memphis

  • Written by Warren Roseborough

Drake-1A silhouette – that's all you could see when the multi-talented Drake appeared on stage at the FedExForum on Tuesday (June 5) night.

Then the rapper, singer, songwriter and actor began to shout out the good times he had in Myriad parts of Memphis – East Memphis, Orange Mound, the mall and various other spots.

The crowd of about 10,000 young adults – an array of different races and cultures – screamed and shouted: Drake! Drake! Drake!

J-ColeThen came the show. The concertgoers seemed to really enjoy rapper (and producer) J. Cole and southern hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame, but you could tell who came to see – Drake!

In the crowd was Natasha Tyler, who had made her way across the bridge from West Memphis.

Tri-State Defender: So, who did you come to see?

Natasha-TylerNatasha Tyler: Drake.

TSD: And how long have you been a Drake Fan?

N.T.: Every since he came out with his first album.

TSD: What is your favorite Drake song?

(She begin to sing it, trying to remember the name of it, and I couldn't help her because I don't know any of his songs. She finally recalled the name of the song – "Find Your Love, " which features the lyrics "I'd better find your lovin/ I'd better find your heart."

TSD: Are you a Waka Flocka Flame fan?

N.T.: He's Ok, but I came to see Drake.

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