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Steve Harvey: ‘Ain’t Nobody Perfect’


This past Saturday night was quite a night for music and comedy, both on the same show. Steve Harvey paid a visit to the market along with Gospel performer Kirk Franklin at the Desoto Civic Center. This past Saturday night was quite a night for music and comedy, both on the same show. Steve Harvey paid a visit to the market along with Gospel performer Kirk Franklin at the Desoto Civic Center. If you didn’t make a trip down I-55 to the Church Road exit, believe me when I say that you missed out on a great show. And when I say great, it turned out to be twice as good as I anticipated.

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey performing his stand-up at the Desoto Civic Center. (Photos by Warren Roseborough)

Kirk Franklin
Gospel music giant Kirk Franklin dug dig into is bag of hits while performing before Steve Harvey last Saturday in Southaven.

If you just wanted to hear Kirk Franklin perform, you could have easily enjoyed the first half of the show and went home satisfied. I think Franklin performed every hit he has ever written and recorded. And they all sounded good. One thing I can say is that he is just as animated in person as he is on television. This guy was all over the place, but I gotta give the man credit, never in the history of gospel music has one person achieved what this man has in just a few years.

And to think, he does not sing. During the show, he even admitted that he couldn’t. It didn’t matter if you hadn’t been to church in ages, if you didn’t enjoy Franklins performance, you might want to check your pulse. When he finally wrapped up his show, he engaged the audience in a short prayer in advance of Steve Harvey taking the stage. He knew Harvey would definitely be himself. And he was right, Steve Harvey really needed prayer.

From the time Harvey took the stage to the time he finished, he had the crowd in stitches. One thing I did notice is that he was remarkably funnier than usual. He has always been funny, but it seemed as if he really took the time to become more detailed in his jokes. From his childhood to his relationship with his father, he really gave us a deeper look into his family and the impact they had on his life, even when some of the circumstances were unfavorable, he still found the humor in them. He mentioned something he has never mentioned before and that was that he has wanted to be on television since he was ten years old.

He even took a moment to address the recent incident in which his ex-wife took to YouTube and recorded some videos that questioned his character. He actually went so far as to admit to infidelity, but then finished the subject by saying, “I was who I was and now I am who I am and I’m alright with both of them.” Bottom line, you don’t get any realer than Steve Harvey. The guy doesn’t run from anything and you have to respect that.

Since Kirk Franklin had just performed and inspired the crowd, you would have expected a slightly different approach to the way Harvey performed. He made sure he got his cusswords out early. Yes, he cussed…and he justified it as well, but at least he was honest. He said that cussing makes him feel good and from the first one he let go, I believed it.

But then again, that’s Steve Harvey. He makes it known that he is a “Christian in training” and he’s not quite “there” yet although he’s working on it.

NOTES: Hey, be sure to join me on next week! The Southern Black Writers Conference and Film Festival is taking place later this month. I’ll be heavily involved so it is sure to be informative and entertaining. I spoke with Royce Reed from VH-1’s “Basketball Wives” a few days ago and she is looking forward to showcasing her new novel in Memphis. I’ll have the interview with her as well as other information regarding the conference that you’ll wanna know. Until then, that’s what’s happening!

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