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Daughters in the kitchen cooking on tradition

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom
“I wrote this cookbook to introduce young ladies to cooking in addition to providing them with tips on how to carry themselves as a young lady should,” said Michelle Marts-Shannon. In her new book, “Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking: The Perfect Manners and Recipes for Today’s Young Lady,” author Michelle Marts-Shannon starts with an amazing introduction explaining her experiences with cooking. Almost everyone has a story about their first experiences with cooking. This informative cookbook has simple recipes that anyone can follow, including food safety tips and cooking suggestions any aspiring cook can benefit from.

 Michelle Marts-Shannon

“My idea for this book is to bring recognition to and continue the long-standing tradition of daughters cooking with and learning from their mothers and grandmothers,’ said Marts-Shannon.

“There was a time when young ladies had to set the dinner table and the kitchen was usually the place where the women and young ladies in the family gathered to converse while cooking the family meal. A lot of schooling went on in kitchen.”

Marts-Shannon owns an etiquette consulting business in Los Angeles (www.MShannon­Consulting.com), where she teaches proper table manners to adults and children. She advises her students that families should eat dinner together as much as possible.

Her mother and grandmothers have played a big part in her knowledge of cooking and all were positive influences on her style of cooking and choice of ingredients.

“I wrote this cookbook to introduce young ladies to cooking in addition to providing them with tips on how to carry themselves as a young lady should,” said Marts-Shannon. “The cookbook explains there is a lot more to cooking than just turning on the stove and placing food in the pots. It is also important to know how to choose your foods, store your foods as well as how to handle foods properly in order to prevent foodborne illnesses.”

It is important for young ladies to learn to cook and eat healthy to prevent health problems such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes (which is growing at an alarming rate in youth today). Unhealthy eating habits also contribute to our nation’s growing childhood obesity problem. Young ladies today are more likely to purchase a fast food meal before they will cook a meal and with the enticing fast food commercials and dollar menus it becomes hard for many youth to resist.

“Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking” presents young ladies with simple easy to follow recipes that will encourage them to create the same meals at home in a healthier way. Continuing the long-standing tradition will allow young ladies to learn to cook from their mothers, grandmothers or any woman in their lives willing to teach them and share their stories with them. All young ladies who read the book will know how to prepare a meal and set the table with the practical place setting guide provided in the cookbook to teach young ladies how each place setting should look when preparing the table for a meal.

(Now available on www.Amazon.com or by visiting www.MShannonConsulting.com.)

(Become a fan of M. Shannon Consulting on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MShannonConsulting.)

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