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Smiley, books & anniversaries

Mark your calendars for March 5 as Tavis Smiley makes his way through Memphis to speak at Christian Brothers University.
 Myron Mays

It’s 2011, a brand new year! Resolutions? I didn’t make any this year. Who ever keeps those things anyway? Here’s an idea” Come up with at least three things you’d like to do this year and just put them on your calendar. That way you still have goals, but there are no resolutions to break. If by chance you made resolutions anyway, and it was to get out and do more, well I might be able to help you to keep them.

Tavis Smiley In Memphis

Mark your calendars for March 5 as Tavis Smiley makes his way through Memphis to speak at Christian Brothers University. This is actually the guy who inspired me to have so many different occupations. He’s a columnist, radio personality as well as a TV talk show host. For more information, you can contact Vickie Sampietro at WKNO-TV at 729-8733.

Myron’s Book Club Book of the Month

Myron’s Book Club kicks off 2011 with a book by local author Kyra Evonne called “Because I Love, A Novel”.

The story follows 30-year-old freelance writer Kaori Lynn.  Her loving, but rivaling friends, Stacey and Vanessa, often try to get Kaori out on the town. Kaori’s admirer, Darold Walker, wants to tell her how he feels, but the timing never seems to be right. Owner of a popular poetry club, Darold thinks that Kaori should be with him, but she’s constantly being put to the side by her man, divorce lawyer Jackson Carver. Darold doesn’t understand why she stays with Jackson, especially when he treats her as nothing more than eye candy.

Kaori knows what she wants but does she know the SECRET of the man she loves? After discovering Jackson’s promotion to partner at the firm, Kaori begins to find out just how much turmoil their three year relationship is in when she’s faced with having to make a valuable life decision on trust in the midst of confusion.

In the coming days, you can expect an interview with Kyra as well as an upcoming discussion regarding her work. Each month at the Web site, we will pick a book by a local author and turn on the spotlight. If you are a local author or know one who should participate, just send me an email.

Restructuring your community

Resources are important to any community and on January 7, attendees will benefit tremendously from a wealth of knowledge, products, goods & services and it’s all free and open to the public. Don’t forget, this Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30pm, at Station 1942, inside the Memphis Depot Business Park. A continental breakfast as well as hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Basement Soul Lounge is back

The Basement Lounge is back with a new look as well as a new location and January 15 is the kick off for the new season. The featured Entertainment will be Avery Sunshine. Music will be provided by DJ Tim Bacchus and the new host will be Darius “Phat Mack” Clayton. The new season of the Basement Soul Lounge takes place at The Vine located at 1819 Madison Avenue in Midtown Memphis. For more information and to check out some clips from Avery Sunshine, visit memphisrebirth.com.

It’s my anniversaries!

In just a few days, I will be celebrating a couple of milestones in my career. January 7 marks my third year on the air at Soul Classics 103.5. It has been such a fun ride that it almost doesn’t seem like its been three whole years since I started working there. My radio career goes back even father than that. It was actually 17 years ago this month that I first got into radio.

And January 17 marks the third anniversary of my relationship with the Tri-State Defender. The “Ask Myron” column debuted that day.

(Check me out on Facebook, Twitter or visit www.whatshappeningmyron.com. Got an event you’d like me to talk about...or attend? Get at me! I’m at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !)

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