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How does God want us to deal with racism?

  • Written by Tri-State Defender Newsroom
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In his new book “The Truth about Racism, Its Origins, Legacy and How God Wants Us To Deal With It,” Dr. Philip Asante sets out to uncover the truth about racism by providing a scientifically-supported perspective into the origins of racist ideology.
Asante, the son of a black African father and white English mother, explores contributions from both Christianity and the theory of Evolution.
“Whether you believe in creation or evolution, all humanity is related,” Asante said. “The subject of racism is, of course, controversial and continuous in society and in the church.”
Deeply passionate about ending modern racism, Asante draws on research and Scripture in explaining how the Bible was “deliberately misinterpreted and abused in order to justify slavery, segregation, colonialism and apartheid.”
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With a doctorate in biblical studies, a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, Asante resides in South Wales with his wife and two grown children. His book intends to look at the background to racism based upon skin color and truly understand its origins.
Among the questions Asante tackles:
• What part has the Church played in it and why?
• How much does racism owe to the “Theory of Evolution?”
• Can racism ever be justified by Christian involvement?
• Is racism supported by Scripture or is it simply sinful, divisive and evil?
• Is racism a stumbling block to finding faith in God?
• Does racism make people question the existence of God?
• How does it affect mankind and the Church?
• What message does it send out to the non Christian secular world?
• Does racism separate mankind?
• Does it split the Church, which is the Body of Christ?
• Is the Church doing enough to combat the issue of racism? 
• And does racism ultimately offend God and if so, what should the church      be doing to curb its cancerous impact on Humankind? 

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