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Twenty years later, UniverSoul Circus still rolling along

  • Written by Warren Roseborough
This is about my tenth time going to the UniverSoul Circus and about the eighth time covering it. The circus performers may change but the theme remains the same: Having good family fun.
The venue was the Hickory Ridge Mall and the circus kicked off with SubRoy, a Memphis-area dance group that did a wonderful job. Perhaps my favorite circus act was next – The Caribbean Callaloo from Trinidad. Performers on stilts strut throughout the tent, towering over everyone. Then these beautiful women come out dancing in colorful outfits. Then comes the test of going under a stick blazing with fire. Wow! How low can you go?
Next up: the Olate Dogs from Chile. This is no doubt the best dog act I have ever seen. On the heels of their performance was the Willy Family High Wire Act from Columbia. As the audience locked in on their movements, the performers dazzled with unbelievable balance on the high wire.
The Queens of Sheba performance had circus-goers wondering how women and men could possibly turn their bodies in such a manner. You have to see it to believe it.
Between the acts, long-time UniverSoul Circus Icon Zeke and new host Lucky entertained the crowd. After about a 20-minute break, the 2nd half kicked off with the elephant show, always a crowd favorite, featuring the scary moment with an elephant steps over one of the female performers.
The UniverSoul Circus features acts from myriad parts of the world, with the diversity including the colorful Acrobatic Troupe from China. From high-wire swings they toss and catch each other amid gasps from below.
All in all, it was another slam-dunk run for the unique circus, which also featured the Soul Train line, more crowd participation and a finale to the song “Happy.”


0 #1 Ms Beverly 2014-09-02 19:11
I attended the Universal Soul Circus for the second time. It was SO entertaining!!! I loved how the ringmasters and the performers interacted with and acknowledged the audience. This circus was so much fun and all of the performers were amazing. It definitely is a Soul circus!!! I plan to attend every year from now on!!!!

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