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Gary Owen is “Just a Cool Guy”

  • Written by Leah Long- Special to the New Tri-State Defender
Gary Owen
“You don’t choose your audience, they just choose you.” With these wise words, the hysterical Gary Owen explains how a Caucasian comedian commands the attention of his primarily African-American audience.
Reminiscent upon his days as Comic of The Year and the only white host ever for BET’s Comic View, Gary appreciates and understands his core audience and doesn’t necessarily see himself as the “token” go-to white comedian, but more as “the handpicked talent” from producers.
With starring roles in blockbuster hits like Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man Too, Owen has proven himself a force to be reckoned with in the world of acting, stand-up and – funerals?
“I’ve done everything…funerals, bars and churches,” Gary states. “This is no lie! A friend of mine passed away and his mom asked me to speak, but she was also like, can you try and lighten the mood with jokes because that was our relationship. We were always laughing.” 
Keeping people laughing comes easy to Gary. Prior to his career as a comedian, he was enlisted in the Navy and named Funniest Serviceman in America. But when asked if he would still be in the military if not a comedian, Gary responds, “No. I wouldn’t be in the military, it’s just not for me. I’d do porn. Yes porn.” 
All jokes aside, Gary Owen is well on his way to becoming a household name in entertainment. His timely wit, refreshing candor and raw talent will continue to win over all audiences.
When asked what he wants people to know most about himself, Owen leaves us with these words:
“I’m just a nice guy. I think at the end of the day once you leave this earth, you want to make your mark as a stand-up or an actor. But you really just want people to be like…he was cool. He was just a cool guy.”
Want to know what Gary plans to do while in Memphis for our Best in Black Awards and more? Be sure to like us on FaceBook for more of Gary’s answers! 

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