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A serving of comedy, with D. L. Hughley as the main course

  • Written by Ashley Grandberry-Special to The New Tri-State Defender
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In full spectator mode, I showed up at the new Chuckles Comedy House in Cordova hungry for comedy and braced for long lines and lagged show times from a new business. My downside expectations were completely wrong.
The entire staff was on point. There was an ample wait crew, efficient cashiers and prompt show times. Serve up the comedy!
Clint Coley
With Philadelphia native D.L. Hughley the main course, the first comedic appetizer of the evening was Clint Coley. He dished out a real-world perspective on sex and relationships that not only makes you laugh but makes you think, especially about the roles that men and women play in modern relationships. 
Coley spoke frankly about how women with unrealistic expectations get in the way of themselves in relationships and how men will fall short if they strive to meet such standards. 
Remember the name Clint Coley. As he perfects his craft, you’re likely to hear it again. 
The Funnyman, Prescott
Born and bred in Memphis, K97 fans hear Prescott’s morning jokes Monday through Friday. Lucky for us he is just as talented as a stand-up comedian.
Prescott is a mastermind at making Memphians feel right at home with jokes about local stuff. MLGW jokes are always a crowd pleaser because ALL Memphians have to deal with the utility services giant.
A gifted storyteller, Prescott was hysterical as he wove humor with his upbringing in a single-parent household. The Funnyman’s act was an uproarious prelude to the night’s main attraction.
D.L. Hughley: 
Comedic pundit
A bonafide celebrity, comedy and hard work have been very good to D.L. Hughley, who has not lost his touch at all as a stand-up comedian. He is one of the most dynamic comedians in the world largely because he includes a political forum throughout his entire routine.
His performance at Chuckles was a humor-filled and though-provoking excursion through every day relationships between men and women and family dynamics. Along the way he spoke in great detail about newsworthy issues such as Donald Sterling, unemployment, the “n” word, bear attacks, gay rights, sports and the legalization of marijuana. 
Hughley’s act is real, raw and informative. Amid the laughs he asserted that African-American women are the most educated group of people in the United States. A comedy show that educates; what better way to spend a Saturday night!
Hughley told the audience that he met his biological father years ago following a performance at the old Pyramid arena. Thanks to his road manager, Garrett, I got a chance to ask him for some perspective about Memphis.
Ashley Grandberry: Is Memphis influential in your life?
D.L. Hughley: I think it is from the perspective that it is a progressive Southern city. You start to notice trends in the South moving forward based on how cities such as Memphis, Atlanta and Birmingham are moving forward. Things that we’re (Memphians) doing are trendsetting on how the rest of the South is moving forward or even falling behind.
For instance, what’s now going on with the police department now even in Southern cities, which are usually considered law-and-order cities. They don’t value the people that they espouse to love so much.  Memphis is a city that you never would’ve thought would have such law enforcement issues especially due to the fact that you all (Memphis) are on “First 48” all of the time.
AG:  How big of a role do you think comedy plays in political awareness?
DL: More people listen to comedic pundits than they do newscasters. Comedy is like aspirin and orange juice. Remember your mother would give you something you needed and something that you like? Comedy embodies that. I think that it’s our (comedians’) way to tell the truth, but it lets people off the hook by giving it to people in a way that’s more palatable and digestible. That’s the beauty of comedy. It can make people see a truth without necessarily having to hit them over the head with it. 


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