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This week’s DVD releases

dvd 450
“Jodorowsky’s Dune”
“The Class of ’92”
“The Raid 2”
“Masterpiece Mystery: Endeavour [Series Two]”
“Kid Cannabis”
“Unni Lindell: The Cato Isaksen Mysteries [Set One]”
“Nymphomaniac Volume I & II”
“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”
“Bad Words”
Honorable Mention
“Arne Dahl: Season One”
“Nature: The Gathering Swarms”
“Vicious: Season One”
“Rigor Mortis”
“Cool Spaces! The Best New Architecture: Season One”
“French for Kids: On Va Jouer [Let’s Play]”
“The Soul Man: The Complete First Season”
“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5”
“Frontline: Locked Up in America”
“Time Scanners: St. Paul’s Cathedral”
“Rugrats: Outdoor Shenaigans”
“Helix: The Complete First Season”
“Pleasure or Pain”
“Hunting the Legend”
 “American Pharoah”
“Half the Road”
“Don Peyote”

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