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Church Leaders: Empowering the African-American community

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth S. Robinson, pastor/CEO of Saint Andrew African Methodist Episcopal Church, guides an enterprise of ministries, funded programs and corporations that stretch the traditional concept of a "church."

As a multifaceted, faith-based, social service and community development agency, a major part of St. Andrew's mission is to actively demonstrate faith by works.


The split-annuity strategy

The split-annuity strategy involves purchasing two types of annuity contracts: immediate and deferred. The immediate annuity would provide a current income stream during the early years of retirement, and the deferred annuity would have the potential to provide a future income stream.


B-A-M-M – ‘We just keep doing what we’re doing!’

No conversation about the church and economic development is complete without referencing The New Olivet Baptist Church and the Rev. Kenneth T. Whalum Jr. For years, Rev. Whalum and First Lady Sheila Whalum have supported African-American business and literally sent thousands of customers to deserving businesses through their Bust A Move Monday Initiative.


Designating retirement plan beneficiaries

IRAs and defined-contribution plans have become an important component of personal wealth – averaging roughly 60 percent of the assets of U.S. households with $100,000 or more to invest, according to recent research.

Designating account beneficiaries (in light of your overall estate conservation strategy) and keeping those designations up to date can be a complex process


‘The Church,’ community and economic impact

For many years, African-American churches have been the catalysts of change in society. Churches have pushed the envelope as it relates to spiritual and social issues. Given their collective money, political power and expertise, churches continue to be in a unique position to impact the community from an economic perspective.

The challenge of determining where the church begins versus the business venture may forever exist.


New way to NBA: ‘NBA Baller Beats’ scores big innovation

New way to NBA: ‘NBA Baller Beats’ scores big innovation

by Cornelius Fortune
Real Times News Service

Can't teach an old ball new tricks? Think again.

"NBA Baller Beats," unveiled during this year's annual E3 conference – featuring the best and latest innovations of the video game industry – has all the makings of a hit game. The Majesco Entertainment title is slated for a September release and includes not only the game, but a full-sized Spalding basketball.


  • Written by Real Times News Service