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Fall and winter businesses

The time for summer vacations, parties and lounging by the pool is coming to a close.  As the kids begin school, seasonal summer businesses of lawns and pool cleaning will soon come to an end.  But have no fear, fall and winter bring additional opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn income.
There are a number of seasonal fall and winter businesses that have a low cost of entry.  These businesses do not necessarily require major startup capital or years of training to pursue.
Senior transportation services
Grocery shopping and medical appointments are some of the necessities that senior citizens require.  As seniors begin to forego driving independently the need still exists to be mobile.  Thus an opportunity in senior transportation arises for those enterprising enough to enter the field.  Although some form of startup capital is required, the amount is generally lower than many of the capital-intensive businesses. The number of seniors is on the rise, which is good for business.  If you are not interested in starting a business from scratch, franchising is available.
Lunch delivery
In big cities hot food delivery is a staple.  Sure pizza is widely available locally.  The availability of menu items such as pasta, wings, sandwiches and down home cooking screams opportunity.  During bad weather, the last thing employees want to do is leave the building for lunch.  With a built-in clientele, delivery hot lunches in cool and cold weather is a win for all involved in the transaction.  The business owner reaps potential profits and employees are shielded from the elements. 
Moving service – for students
School starts for more than just the kids.  College kicks off with movement into the dorms or other living accommodations.  While the business model is short term, it is focused and can pay off handsomely over a short period of time.  Even if you start small and seasonal, the business can be expanded later beyond moving for students.
Back-to-school shopper
The one thing that all kids have in common is the need for back-to-school supplies and clothes. With thousands on top of thousands of children returning to school, a business that focuses on delivering supplies and school clothes could be lucrative.  While some parents enjoy the “thrill” of shopping, long lines and scanning the ads for deals, others prefer to avoid shopping like it’s the plague.  Any alternative to battling long lines and crowded stores can serve as a potential profitable enterprise.
Leaf removal and gutter clean up
As the seasons change and the leaves fall, the dreaded leaves will require gathering and disposal.  Where leaves are down, gutters are full.  So the leaf removal business provides an opportunity on the ground as well as on roof, a virtual two for one. Although some equipment is required, this business is labor intensive and seasonal.
Winter camp
Kids welcome Christmas vacation.  While parents are still working, some kids become restless and bored.  This extra time can be remedied with organized activities such as a winter camp.  Consider the occasion babysitting at a high level for profit in winter months.
Home winterization
Preparing a home for winter includes wrapping pipes, strategically placing lights, purchasing rock salt for icy paths and steps, etc.  While most homes need to be winterized few actually follow through on it because of time constraints or it is the last thing on the “to do” list.  However as a business concept that performed the services at a reasonable cost, the arrangement could be rewarding considering the number of homes available as business opportunities.
Holiday home decorating
Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays that are festive.  Holiday decor for a home can consist of outside and inside.  Some residents are more celebratory than others and participate fully in decorating their homes.  But with very little capital and the ability to recycle decorations, a business can be birthed out of a simple concept of holiday home decorating.
Vending warm beverages
Just as hot dog carts exist and food trucks are on the rise, hot chocolate and coffee to go can be quite profitable.  Although the cost of entry is somewhat higher than some of the other opportunities discussed, the business can make money.  Seasonal as warm beverages may be, the flip side of selling cold beverages in the summer can balance the investment. 
As we move away from summer, fall and winter present more than just cold weather and snow.  Opportunities are abound.


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